Magic Glove Cleaning Services offers a comprehensive move in, move out clean. We deal with everything from window washing to carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning. We are a one stop shop for all the typical cleaning services needed for preparing for a new tenancy, or cleaning up after a terminated tenancy.

When you're moving in, or moving out of your property, coping with packing, unpacking, or last minute arrangements and moving into your new home is enough stress without having to turn round and clean your old residence for the last time. 


Magic Glove Cleaning Services friendly team will move into your home as you move out, cleaning it from top to bottom and leaving it ready for the next occupants.

Magic Glove Cleaning Services general move in/move out cleaning:

Cleaning of All Rooms:
– Upon request,  we wash all windows inside and out in all rooms
– Wipe down the window sills and baseboards and blinds are dusted
– Front and back doors are wiped clean
– Walls are wiped to remove dust ad spots.
– Sweep and op all vinyl, tile, and wood floors accordingly
– Vacuum all carpets
– Remove all trash

Kitchen Cleaning:
– Clean inside and out of the dishwasher
– Wash the cupboards inside and out
– Wipe out drawers
– Clean sink and shine faucets
– Clean and polish counter tops
Fridge: Wiped good, interior and exterior
Stove: Thoroughly cleaned inside and out

Cleaning Bathrooms:
– Bathtub, tile around the tub, sink, door and fixtures are all cleaned
– Toilets are cleaned inside and outside
– Medicine cabinets are removed of debris and wiped down
– Cabinets and drawers are cleared of clutter and wiped down
– Mirrors are polished

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